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New Flat Fee MLS Service for Los Alamos

My company, Hardy & Co., has just launched a new service in Los Alamos called The service allows those home owners who wish to sell "For Sale By Owner" or FSBO the ability to have the property posted in the MLS. The property will receive increased exposure and will show up on searches done by real estate agents and brokers. This added exposure can add a real boost to a seller's marketing efforts.

So how much can a seller of real estate save? Well, the average sales price of a Los Alamos home was $310,701 over the first 3 months of 2009. The majority of sellers pay 6% of the sales price to agents involved in the transaction, or $18,642. Using the Flat Fee MLS service at, you would only pay $395 if you sell your home yourself, saving $18,247. If a buyer's broker brings you a buyer you will pay our fee plus that brokers commission (typically 3%), still saving $8,926.

Savings if you sell your Home Yourself: $18,247
Savings if a Buyer's Broker Brings you a Buyer: $8,926

If you are interested in learning more about the program, please visit at the site you will find all the details for the program as well as an interactive calculator that will figure your own personal savings. The service can be purchased directly from the site, and you home can be up and running on the MLS in as little as one day!

If you decide you need some additional assistance we are here to help. When we step in, you will still find that we are still much less expensive than full service real estate brokerages. When you ask us to take an active role in the transaction, we will represent you and assist you with:
  • negotiating offers
  • handling contingencies
  • handling all paperwork on approved Real Estate Association of New Mexico Forms
  • seeing you through the closing process
The cost of this service depends on when you choose to sign up:
  • If you decide to have us represent you in all contract negotiations, from the beginning, you pay only $500 at the time of listing, and we will help you with as many offers as you receive.
  • If you decide to have us represent you in contract negotiations, when you get an offer, you pay $500 when you receive your first offer and then $500 for each subsequent offer.
  • Of course, if you decide that you do not need our help, you pay us nothing more than the $395 listing fee.
We also offer this service in the following markets:

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